Summertime… and the Colin Jost-Scarlett Johansson Spotting Is Easy

An investigative trail that allows for ample use of the term 'canoodling'

On the Colin Jost-Scarlett Johansson romance beat, it’s all about the details.

“She had a couple of East Pole Manhattans and he had the Mexican Standoff,” a source told People magazine about a sighting over the weekend at The East Pole restaurant in New York first reported–with far less culinary detail–by Page Six. The People source must have been either pretty close to the table in question on the Upper East Side or is a member of the restaurant staff, because they also added, “She raved about the duck fat chips and cavatelli pasta.”

Food and drink is all over the People dispatch, in one case unintentionally. As is now rote, the byline for the article includes the reporter’s Twitter handle, encouraging readers to follow the person who wrote an item headlined “Saturday Night Love?” In this case, the handle is @Russian_Ale. That’s not a reflection of a boozy journalist. Her name just happens to be Ale Russian, flipped for social media purposes and here, a perfect celebrity journalism a-la-carte complement to Jost’s red snapper.

These days, when it comes to such reporting matters, there’s often inane commentary thrown in. Picking up on the Page Six report and sprinkling in some NBA Finals lingo, TMZ suggested, ‘Props to Colin–no better time to put a rebound on your stat line,’ a reference to the fact that Johansson is currently in the middle of a divorce.

Over at HollywoodLife, a PMC site that specializes in endlessly slicing and dicing something like CJSJ, it’s: ‘Is it just us or do those drinks and entrees sound amazing? Seriously, ScarJo, can we tag along next time? Just kidding, we wouldn’t want to harsh the romantic vibe with Colin.’

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