Colgate Campaign Targets the 2.7M Facebook Users in Hong Kong

Facebook may be blocked in China, but it isn’t in Hong Kong. In fact, 38% of the population, or around 2.7 million people, are using the service every month. This market is big enough that dental care conglomerate Colgate decided to create a local Facebook campaign to advertise its ActiFlex electric toothbrush. The effort includes a branded site that takes you to a branded Facebook application.

You can use the app to take one of your Facebook friend’s profile photos: Paste a funny cartoon face over their mouth, resize it to fit, and then publish it to their wall. The idea is that the funny image will help advertise the need for better dental hygiene… using ActiFlex. The app appears to have just launched, and it has a few thousand users so far.

Hong Kong’s connection to Facebook has become increasingly strong, having doubled in users during 2009, according to our Global Monitor report. It is home to some social game developers, and many game players — anecdotal evidence suggests that games have been one of the many reasons people have joined the site. The city’s marketers are also getting on Facebook more; the creator of the Colgate app, Agenda Hong Kong, also has a deal to work with Air New Zealand on a branded app (although it doesn’t appear to have fully launched).