Live Out Your Spy Fantasy With ColdWar Clambake

Coldwar Clambake is a new Facebook spy game developed by Big Daddy’s Chicks production, and while it draws heavily from its Mafia Wars roots, the game has a few innovative elements that keep the game interesting. Specifically, the art style, the innovation on standard gameplay elements and the fun community make this a game worth trying.

Coldwar Clambake is a game about gaining levels and building up your stats to become a master spy in the ColdWar Clambake world. It revolves around completing missions to gain experience and other bonus points, and then upgrading your weapons and lair. You can choose from being on the side of good or evil, which really allows the game to step into new territory.

One of the greatest strengths for Coldwar Clambake is its production values. The colors and art style are excellent, and the character designs are striking. The first gameplay choice of being good or evil certainly piqued my interest and it is followed-up with a smart avatar creator. There were only a few choices for each item, but the art style saves the day because the character you generate looks like something you’d see on a spy cartoon.

In the main gameplay area, the functional items are a bit difficult to gauge, and the tutorials seemed to be packed together oddly. It wasn’t made clear that the tutorial messages at the top of the screen were just random helpful tidbits, so on first entry I was reading about “how to protect my underling”, while I still had no idea how to play the game. There wasn’t much else to the presentation, as missions are completed without any graphics. This really does put the game well behind Playfish’s new Gangster City, which has raised the Bar for these types of games.

The gameplay was fairly straightforward, and I’ve played it many times before. I created my character, started using up my limited energy points to do Espionage and Missions, gaining experience from each one. The missions seemed to have a success rate dependent on my skills, although I did not fail any missions for the first few sessions.

I clicked on the Field Assignments, and it wasn’t entirely clear how this was different from the “Missions” area, but I was able to do more tasks and gain more experience. The Operations area is where things get social, and I was able to do hits on fellow players of the game. The options were very similar to other mafia games, and I could bring along an underling and choose my weapon for the hit.

Overall, the gameplay involves building your levels, hiring underlings and building a better base. Not the first time I’ve seen it, but the rewards for getting powerups were great because of the graphics. I would recommend people try this game out and determine if it has the features they want from a spy/mafia style game on Facebook. You can play it here.