Colbert’s Presidential Bid: Springtime For Journos

Ever since Stephen Colbert announced he’s running for president (in South Carolina), there has been fanfare, there has been balloons and there have been stories. Lots of them.

Colbert’s kinda-fake-kinda-not bid for the White House will do nothing to change the political landscape of the primary season — but it has already done wonders for the reporters covering those primaries.

Larry King got a chuckle out of it. Tim Russert didn’t know what to make of him. Leslie Gornstein talked to the FCC about it. Now Joshua Green, of the Atlantic, writes about Colbert’s chances, comes up with a campaign strategy for Colbert to make it to one of the 2008 conventions and offers to be his campaign manager.

It’s as though reporters facing the exhausting campaign season have all suddenly fallen in love. Everyone is giddy. Everyone is newly energized.

Including us. True, we’re not a political site, but we’d like to do Green one better: Need some official campaign bloggers, Mr. Colbert?