Colbert: NPR Has ”Dangerously Measured Barbiturate Vibe”


Why would anyone want to take a swipe at the astonishingly mellow NPR? Helmet-haired FishbowlNY nemesis-frenemy Steven Colbert, promoting his new book I Am America (And So Can You!), in USA Today, crisply sucker punches the venerable — if sometimes somewhat drowsy — American broadcast institution. From USA Today:

”Q: You agreed to this interview, but don’t you have a real problem with the media?

”A: Other than the fact that they’re trying to destroy our country by inches? We talk in the book about the ones who are destroying America — the major news networks, the major news dailies, certain newspapers that are considered the paper of record, I won’t name any names. NPR, obviously, and their dangerously measured barbiturate vibe.”

If NPR is a barbiturate then we freely admit to being addicted to thier sedate, anaesthetic “mellow.” FishbowlNY to Colbert: You’re dead to us, hombre.