Colbert Discovers FishbowlNY; FishbowlNY Bans Colbert


Say what you will about Stephen Colbert, but he knows how to credit (manipulate) bloggers. Last night on the Colbert Report, Colbert acknowledged our report about his trainwreck taping of an interview last week with Sir Richard Branson. “This story hit the blog-o-dome like a tidal wave, look at this piece on”

Given this site’s long (obsessive) history of covering Comedy Central (see below), we’ve been trying to land an interview with Colbert for our “So What Do You Do?” series for over a year — ever since our impromptu meeting with him at the 2006 Time 100 party. (Typical Comedy Central responses: “Stephen’s busy this week” or “Stephen’s on vacation” or “Stephen’s already doing an exclusive with Cat Fancy.”)

Unlike, say, the Decemberists, we’ve never thought of publicly baiting Colbert to further our own interests.

That is, until today. Consider this your warning, Colbert. We won’t cover you and your Word-fearing “Nation” until you do our interview. Try selling your ballsy book without FishbowlNY’s seal of approval. We’re practically Oprah. Don’t believe us, Stephen? Just ask Jessica Cutler.

The aforementioned “trainwreck,” by the way, is slated to air next week.

— Dylan Stableford


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