Cokie Releases Statement on Missing Dog

Only in Washington would someone think to actually release an official statement about a missing pooch.

Unfortunately the news is grim. Katie, the canine that ran away the very day NPR’s Cokie Roberts adopted her from Lab Rescue, was struck and killed by a car. Roberts released a statement on it. Bethesda Patch, which has been following the story closely and breaking news on it every step of the way, first reported the sad news.

“We are so terribly sad about the news,” said Roberts in the statement. “We want to thank all who searched so diligently for Katie, and we are deeply distressed for the family who fostered Katie for three loving months.”

Blaming Cokie?

Comments under Patch’s story were unforgiving and squarely placed blame with Roberts. Dog Lover wrote, “Why did the dog go missing after just being adopted? Seems like the journalist wasn’t familiar with dogs, which makes me wonder why the rescue gave her the dog in the first place?” From another: “Katie did not deserve this.” Buzz Lightyear weighed in, saying, “She (Cokie) was warned of Katie’s history and fearfulness, but she insisted on taking her. The Rescue did their job. It’s clear who is responsible. Even if Cokie had asked someone to watche her, she was responsible.” Buzz later added, “…I’m not sad for Cokie. She was taught, warned, etc… Our rescues require a lot of attention because they sometimes come from homes where they’ve been abused. They’re scared. Perhaps Cokie adopted just for show and not because she cared.”

Please note: The photograph comes from Fuzzypants Pet Photography.

By far the worst comment… came from someone calling himself or herself Sammi. The reader wrote, “They say that if you want a friend in Washington politics, get a dog. Dear Ms. Roberts——looks like you didn’t really want a friend bad enough to take proper care. I don’t have any sympathy for you but I am very sorry for the dog. I guess if a dog wants a friend in Washington, they should aim for someone other than a liberal ‘journalist.'” But thank God for “Barbara”… who jumped to Cokie’s defense, writing, “Shame on you, Sammi (and any other people out there so quick to blame her) for sending such a cruel message. Life happens — and we don’t need heartless people to make us feel worse.”