Coke Makes Rainbows for South Africa

Need an antidote to the sad, ridiculous, ridiculously sad racism playing out in the news here in America?

Check out how Coca-Cola literally brought rainbows to the people of South Africa on the eve of Freedom Day, the 20th anniversary of its first democratic election when Nelson Mandela was elected President. The term “rainbow nation” was coined by Mandela’s friend Archbishop Desmond Tutu to describe the diverse country emerging under the leadership of the African National Congress after the end of Apartheid.

The stunt was developed by FCB South Africa, Johannesburg for Coke with the help of “Rainbow Maker” Fred Stern.

Though there were no unicorns on hand, and no pots of gold at the bottom, there were ends to these lovely man-made refractions where people could run and dance through sprinklers.

Unfortunately, the country is in a funk heading in to elections after mourning the loss of Mandela in December. Like many, Tutu is frustrated with the nation’s slow progress–despite having the largest and most developed economy in Africa–and is vocal about the ANC’s problems. Tutu, not included in the ANC’s funeral program when Mandela died, went so far to say he’s glad his friend isn’t alive to see the current state of affairs.