Coke Cans Give Spotify Real Estate

Huge co-branding deal begins to bloom

In a move that's been hinted at by Spotify executives for months, Coca-Cola is putting the digital music service on its 8-ounce cans for Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero in the United Kingdom. The development heralds the companies' seven-month-old deal, while featuring the Spotify brand at the bottom of the "slimline" cans along with a Web address for their interactive "PlaceLists" app.

The app consists of a Coke-red map of the globe with clickable tags to songs that folks are listening to worldwide. Consumers can also utilize an augmented reality system from mobile marketing technology firm Blippar, enabling them to access tunes via smartphones and tablets.

While speaking with Adweek in December 2012, Jeff Levick, Sweden-based Spotify’s global ad sales chief, suggested that his company would appear on Coke packaging due to the firms' cross-platform deal. Atlanta-based Coca-Cola has invested as much as $10 million in the digital music service, making Spotify its go-to music technology when it comes to Facebook and other social media.

Lastly, per a Mashable report, Coke says Spotify-branded cans are not currently planned for the United States.

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