Hollywood Actor Goes Homeless for Online Reality Show

Since moving to Los Angeles last summer, actor Cody Deal has starred in the SyFy Channel original movie Almighty Thor, played the villain in the upcoming fall action comedy Avery & Pete, landed a recurring role in next month’s Cinemax comedy series A Girl’s Guide to Depravity, and scored a role in the horror thriller Hallow Pointe.

So how does the Kansas native choose to mark his one-year anniversary in Tinseltown? By going homeless and sleeping in the back of his car, filming it all for The Real Hollywood Story, a new weekly online reality TV series debuting today. Here’s how Deal frames the decision:

On August 1, I took to the back seat of my car, once again, to have the flexibility of both time and dollars, to pursue my acting career full force. The first time, which was this exact same time last year (when I decided to quit my full-time job and pursue this career head-on, living out of my car for seven weeks), I didn’t have the strength to share that experience with others. I blogged about the experience several months later, but didn’t even tell friends of my homelessness…

This time, however, not only am I sharing that with the world, but I am taking you along for the journey. That journey is unpredictable, or so it is said. We can’t predict life now can we? But I feel different. Even as a sit here in Starbucks because I have no home to go to, I still have the greatest level of belief that all my dreams will come to pass.

The homeless thing may just be a ploy to kick start the reality series. Deal and his MediaBlvd.com production partners are asking viewers to shell out $10 a month to watch how his Year Two in LA progresses.