Coding Futures Extends WordPress To Facebook

Coding Futures joins the fray of developers extending WordPress onto Facebook.

U.K. based Coding Futures joins the fray of developers extending WordPress onto Facebook, with a new add-on to the Your Members Membership Plug-In.

The plug-in allows users to incorporate any part of their WordPress sites onto their Facebook pages.

Coding Futures’ plugin also uses Facebook logins to add users to mailing lists, and gives people the option to share blog comments on their profiles.

The app can be used by brands to support functions like online selling, video streaming, and video-on-demand, with everything created via WordPress.

The Membership Plug-In is available at four different pricing points:

  • Starter, at $95, includes the core plug-in, the mail manager module, the MailChimp Auto Responder, a lifetime usage license, free support and upgrades, and access to a support forum.
  • Basic, at $115, adds incorporation of third-party plug-ins, a Facebook module, an adaptive pricing module, and the YourMinder plug-in.
  • Pro, at $150, adds a secure stream module, premium support, and the InviteApe plug-in.
  • Ultimate, at $300, adds unlimited installs.

More information is available via a demo on Facebook. And the company explains on the page:

So everything you can see in this demo inside Facebook is being generated by a standard WordPress blog, and these are all WordPress pages that can optionally be viewed outside of Facebook, too. Now, virtually anything you can do in WordPress, you can do inside Facebook, too! Let me say that again: This is essentially a WordPress website, running inside Facebook. How cool is that? Still, we didn’t just leave it at that — we added a whole bunch of extra Facebook-specific things, too.