Coca-Cola, Entertaining Elf, Ted movie and more on this week’s top 20 growing Facebook pages

Facebook for Every Phone, the page for Facebook’s feature phone application, continues to have massive organic momentum, picking up millions of new Likes a week.

The top 20 fastest growing Pages this week gained between about 308,000 and 2.7 million Likes. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

#NameTotal LikesDaily GrowthWeekly Growth 
1   Facebook for Every Phone104,840,554+304,361+2,786,546
2   Coca-Cola43,429,383+34,398+561,505
3   The Entertaining Elf3,004,520+42,430+520,457
4   Ted (The Movie)1,131,706+61,131+447,300
5   Cristiano Ronaldo46,013,702+27,902+433,153
6   Adele31,271,823+27,567+403,431
7   Amazon.com5,961,738+25,168+399,217
8   YouTube59,840,358+25,599+387,506
9   Titanic26,211,635+42,395+385,511
10   Samsung Mobile9,364,183+54,548+364,154
11   Mozilla Firefox10,019,058+19,351+363,692
12   Target14,465,198+37,566+346,507
13   Samsung Mobile USA7,338,712+36,607+337,806
14   Rihanna58,138,696+45,543+336,504
15   The Simpsons52,648,804+21,354+334,537
16   Ek Tha Tiger404,715+214,306+326,305
17   Facebook68,866,102+44,037+324,667
18   Shakira52,157,359+20,892+315,497
19   Lian Bazlamit404,409+479+313,901
20   Eminem58,996,329+41,296+308,266


Coca-Cola seemed to grow as the result of promoting one of its recent posts. The post, seen to the right, gained significantly more shares, Likes and comments than others on the page, though it is similar in style and execution to what Coke has been doing for weeks. The company might have run a page-post ad or page-post Like Sponsored Stories to get that boost.

The Entertaining Elf, a website that bills itself as “your daily dose of entertainment and fun,” came in at No. 3. The site has been making several posts a day and includes a Like button for its Facebook page next to all of its blog posts.

Ted (The Movie) picked up close to 450,000 Likes this week, likely due in large part to an ad campaign promoting the film’s release today. The page also features a tab app that lets people add the film’s stuffed bear character, Ted, to photos of themselves partying. Users can then share the photo or set it to be their Timeline cover photo.

Amazon.comTargetSamsung Mobile and Samsung Mobile USA have had ongoing Sponsored Story campaigns that make them appear regularly on our list of top growing pages. Other pages in the top 20 seem to have grown through organic momentum, though Palestinian singer Lian Bazlamit seems to have gained new Likes from a page consolidation.