Coca-Cola Brings Happiness to Rio

Usually it’s the tinkly music coming from the ice cream truck that brings them running. In the clip above, Coca-Cola has redesigned a delivery truck, turning it into a “Happiness Truck” that delivers free Coke. Here, the delivery is made to a neighborhood in Rio De Janeiro.

According to Definition 6, the marketing agency that worked on the video, the video is a follow-up to the 2010 video “Happiness Machine,” which has been viewed more than three million times on YouTube and aired as a commercial during American Idol. And none of the footage here is staged.

In an e-mail,   Coca-Cola’s senior global brand manager A.J. Brustein told us these videos allow the brand to capture real reactions from people who are enjoying Coke while going about their daily activities.

“Traditional television ads will continue to tell the brand’s story in artful, magical ways – but this ‘Where Will Happiness Strike Next?’ movement, inspired by our original, Happiness Machine video, allows our consumers to help tell the story through the power of their authentic emotions,” the e-mail reads.