Coca-Cola Bolsters QuizUp Content to Include 40 Categories

Trivia app reaches 20 million users

On Wednesday, Coca-Cola will launch a new section of branded content in the QuizUp gaming app to include more than 18,000 World Cup trivia questions specific to each country competing in the tournament

There will also be helpful facts and information that are designed to help viewers better understand soccer. The soda giant began a soft roll-out of the sponsorship in April around a few topics. QuizUp is only one part of Coke’s bigger World Cup sponsorship, which also entails a user-generated content push that will feature an interactive "Happiness Flag."

"There’s nothing bigger than the World Cup, so creating this awareness around a long-term partnership with Coke just increases the visibility, scale and scope of the project," said Viggo Jonsson, vp of business development at QuizUp.

The gaming app’s content is also now available in five languages—French, Spanish, English, German and Portuguese. The company plans to add Turkish and Russian content next (although a date hasn’t been announced) and is also looking to move into Asia with content tailored towards the Korean, Japanese and Chinese markets.

The German content pieces rolled out on April 17, and per QuizUp, they netted 175,000 hours of games played in the first week. The Iceland-based company said gamers have spent more than 130,000 hours with Spanish trivia questions since launching on May 15.

QuizUp also reports that the average gamer spends 30 minutes with its content per day. One billion matches—or games—were played between November and March by iOS users before the game launched an Android verison.

QuizUp is one of the fastest growing games and is among a growing list of apps that are positioning themselves towards more branded content advertising options for marketers.

"The idea is very much to create a global trivia game," Jonsson said. "This language expansion has been our big thing in the past two months and continues to be for the next couple of months."