Next Best Thing to the Mayan Apocalypse? Try a Laguna Beach Jack In the Box and Pair of Ex-NHLers

A most important detail is being underplayed in the first wave of media pick-ups this afternoon of a Coastline Pilot item about a fracas at a Laguna Beach Jack In the Box involving a pair of former professional hockey players. The alleged drive-through madness happened on the night of December 21.

As in, who needs an anciently foretold end to civilization when all manner of civilization has already been lost? From Andrew Shortall’s report:

The incident reportedly occurred when a cab in which [former Anaheim Duck] Jean Francois Jomphe and [one-time Toronto Maple Leaf] Richard Anthony Costello were riding pulled into the Jack In the Box drive-through line, cutting off a VW Jetta carrying a group of young adults.

“One of the kids [in the Jetta] did a hand gesture like, ‘Hey, what’s up’ and Jomphe got angry, got out of the cab and went to the guy,” Laguna Beach Police Capt. Jason Kravetz said. “Costello went to restrain him, but he’s pretty upset and shatters the back window.”

Expect Shortall’s fast-food-misconduct item to reverberate across the Net in a manner similar to the way news has traveled of Kate Winslet’s marriage to a guy with the last name Rocknroll.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.