Coachella Wrapup

Every year I look forward to the Coachella Festival. Not because I actually go, but it’s the one weekend I can eat at Millie’s without waiting an hour.

My intrepid sister over at FishbowlNY did make the trek this year, and snagged an exclusive interview with Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst:

FISHBOWL: Hi Conor! You know the novelist Jonathan Safran Foer?
Bright Eyes: (shrugs uncomfortably, one might safely say helplessly)
FISHBOWL: Apparently he’s a big fan of yours. Are you a fan of his back?
Bright Eyes: Uh…I haven’t read his books.
FISHBOWL: You haven’t read his books?
Bright Eyes: No.
FISHBOWL: Are you planning to?
Bright Eyes (eyes flicking back and forth): Sure.
FISHBOWL: Should he send you one?
Bright Eyes: Sure.
FISHBOWL: Okay, we’ll let him know!

Any other media-ish Coachella stories out there? Let me know.