Coach Takes Target to Court Again for Stolen Handbag Designs


In a more interesting chapter of the “it will be happening for the rest of eternity” battle over creators and copiers, Coach has decided to go after Target over the design of handbags the discount retailer is selling, claiming their design to be too similar to ones they had launched more than a year ago. As such, Coach has taken Target to court over the matter, the second time they’ve done this in three years, the last being over the same handbag/intellectual property issue. Interesting, considering Target’s continued involvement in landing big name designers to put together less-costly lines for them. But with the number of vendors they work with, one has to guess that a bad copycat apple is bound to slip through at times. Or at least that’s what Target would really like you to believe, judging from this quote the AP received:

“We are currently looking into this situation and working with our vendor partner,” said Jana O’Leary, a Target spokeswoman said in an e-mail response to a query from The Associated Press. “It always has been — and continues to be — Target’s policy to respect the intellectual property rights of others.”