Coach Calipari Won’t Bench New Media

UKentuckyJohnCalipari.jpgUniversity of Kentucky head basketball coach John Calipari is certainly not afraid to embrace new technology. The Wildcats’ new head coach launched his own Website, and the university set up a page for Calipari on Facebook.

Calipari’s site includes a blog, a biography and a page promoting the coach’s upcoming book, Bounce Back, which is set to hit bookstores Sept. 1. It will also feature exclusive content for users who sign up, with options including a free basic plan and a “player” membership for $59.95 annually.

A portion of the proceeds from the Website will benefit the Calipari Family Foundation for Children.

As for Facebook, more than 13,000 users signed up as fans. Calipari also boasts more than 466,000 Twitter followers.