CNN’s Mercurio To Hotline

CNN’s Political Editor John Mercurio announced today that he has taken a job as senior editor at National Journal’s The Hotline, rounding out that publication’s senior leadership after Vaughn Ververs’ departure earlier this month.

“My apologies for the mass email, but I wanted you to be among the first five thousand friends to know I’ve accepted a great offer to become senior editor at Hotline, joining Chuck Todd and Danielle Jones in running the National Journal’s online publication,” Mercurio wrote today. “I’ve never been good at multi-tasking, so this new perch will require me to leave CNN, where I’ve enjoyed three amazing years and countless humbling opportunities as the network’s political editor. I’m leaving the smartest and hardest working group of journalists in the TV news biz to help run and grow this town’s preeminent political publication. It’s gonna be great.”

He’ll start September 19th.