CNN’s Kuhn Invites Partygoers to Lunch in LA

CNN’s Eric Kuhn and Peter Hamby at The Mayflower Hotel

Partygoers: CNN’s Ed Hornick and QGA and FBDC’s Matt Dornic

Outgoing CNNer Eric Kuhn turned out a good bunch last night at elegant Mayflower Hotel to send him off  with good vibes for his star quest out to Los Angeles, where he has taken a job with United Talent Agency. CNN’s Eliot Spitzer did not make a cameo at the party — many were deeply saddened as Spitzer has fond memories of the hotel.

Media mogul David All, who played party host along with Maegan Caberry, warmly greeted FishbowlDC upon arrival but quickly yanked my co-writer Matt Dornic aside for a little talking to about an item he had written. I was going to stick around and rough up the former press sec to Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) if need be, but I had to get Dornic back because at a previous party my Fishbowl Husband told some guy in a camouflage jacket that my role at the party was to hit on the male guests. (So I left him on his own for that one. He came away from All virtually unscathed.)

Kuhn was in good spirits. He said he had already gone out to LA to find new digs, and accomplished the task in three days — it was the last apartment he viewed, but he said he knew immediately that it was the one. One aspect to the trip he wasn’t anticipating: driving. A native New Yorker, Kuhn – no kidding – doesn’t really know how to drive and hasn’t since he was 16. While in LA, some woman in a neighboring car pointed out that his car was smoking. Kuhn had forgotten about the hand break.

Throughout the evening, Kuhn continuously invited guests to come out to LA to lunch with him — to haunts where movie stars like Matt Damon might convene like the Ivy and such. The Ivy was immediately dismissed as trash.

CNNers who turned out for the party included political producer Peter Hamby, CNN Situation Room producer Eric Weisbrod and political reporter Ed Hornick.

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Facebook’s DC office came out in full force with Andrew Noyes and Adam Conner (they gifted Kuhn with a dark blue Facebook tote bag); DSCC communications director Eric Schultz; JESS3’s Jesse Thomas and Leslie Bradshaw; Microsoft’s Mark Drapeau (known on Twitter as Cheeky Geeky); Shana Glickfield AKA “DC Concierge” (on Twitter); Mommy / political blogger Joanne Bamberger AKA “PunditMom”; Sandbox Network (a network for young people doing cool things)’s DC head Paul Gleger; RealClearPolitics White House Reporter Scott Conroy; Fellow Hamilton College alums from the DC area: Ian Doran and Michael London; and V.P. at Hynes Communications Liz Mair.

QGA’s Chris Brown was amidst the guests drinking a very masculine martini despite accusations that it was a Cosmo. Also there was media strategist Brendan Kownacki.