CNN’s John King: He’s What’s for Dinner

CNN’s fall lineup has a slight switch for John King USA. His program moves from the 7 p.m. time slot to 6p.m. Erin Burnett assumes the 7p.m. spot. Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room will air from 4p.m. to 6 p.m. Executive V.P. Ken Jautz made the announcement today, along with NY-based news such as the fact that AC360 will air live at 8p.m. and then re-air at 10 p.m. This means Eliot Spitzer is out, which sadly means no Weiner-Spitzer show on CNN’s horizon.

Eyes glazing over alert…Jautz’s canned quote: “The new line-up showcases anchors who are experienced reporters in covering stories that span the globe. We created a nightly schedule that brings together the best of CNN’s journalism on a wide range of topics from politics and the economy to global and world events, as well the best newsmaker and celebrity interviews. This line-up ensures viewers access to the best of what CNN has to offer whenever they tune in at night.”

See the full lineup after the jump…

CNN Fall Schedule (All times Eastern):

6a-9am: American Morning
9a-4pm: CNN Newsroom
4pm:       Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
6pm:       John King, USA
7pm:       Erin Burnett
8pm:       Anderson Cooper 360°
9pm:       Piers Morgan Tonight
10pm:     AC 360 re-air
11pm:     Erin Burnett re-air
12am:     Piers Morgan Tonight re-air