CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Calls Out Ted Cruz for B.S., Earns #PRWin

Get the shovel!

In the world of human resources, employers love few things more than loyalty.

Someone who will toe the company line, advocate for the brand, or even kiss a little ass — there’s nothing more comforting to a boss.

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin is known for being a voice of sanity in the 24 hour media cycle.

She once again showed that she’s not afraid to speak her mind, this time about Ted Cruz. And thank you to Politico for the transcription of a part of his stump speech in Iowa:

“Our political team passed on a CNN news story that CNN broke,” Cruz said. “The news story said that Ben Carson was not continuing from Iowa on to New Hampshire, he was not continuing to South Carolina. Instead he was going home to Florida. That was a news story CNN posted. And our political team passed it on to our supporters.”

Welp, Baldwin stopped her usual broadcast to wax off the prompter and address the Texas Senator, which is currently earning her massive brownie points in the media and PR community.

“When Senator Cruz, with all due respect, tries to throw my network and CNN under the bus, let me stand up for my colleagues and journalists here in terms of this CNN report that he keeps quoting,” Baldwin said.

“We reported it accurately. And here are the facts. Dr. Carson’s staff told us that he would return home to Florida to, quote-unquote, take a breath from the campaign before resuming his activities on the campaign trail,” said Baldwin. “That accurate report was disseminated on television and CNN digital. And that was that.”

She wasn’t done.

Then, CNN goes to the two shot where Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) — who incidentally endorsed the Iowa Caucus winner — starts pandering. Cue time code 1:15 below and see why we’re calling this a #PRWin.

Bravo for the B.S., Brooke. And for causing the representative from Carolina to backpedal so fast, he pulled a hamstring.

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