CNN’s Bill Weir to FOX News: You’re a Bunch of ‘Willfully Ignorant F*#ksticks.’


Unfortunately, this really is CNN now.

It’s no secret that national news networks exist on a stepchild familiarity level. They may acknowledge each other at reunions because they are there for the same reason, but when it comes down to it, someone is looking to pee in the other person’s punch bowl.

Take CNN’s Bill Weir.

So, there he is, trolling the competition on TV when he saw a story that really took the journalistic objectivity right out of him–a FOX segment headlined “Climate Doesn’t Cooperate with Al Gore.”

And that’s when he gave FOX News an “unfortunate truth” of his own via Twitter.

Grammar flubs anger me a little as well — but calm down, Billy.

The tweet linked to a Washington Times story about cooler-than-normal temperatures in the city of Denver, which is currently hosting EPA hearings involving climate change. Evidently, Weir is a stickler for the details.

Weir’s Twitter handle may have been blowing up a little after he let his fingers do the talking, so he did the right thing and apologized. Sort of.

Sweet. However, Weir gets points here because if you really want to know how he felt, look no further than the aforementioned Twitter feed. He never deleted the first tweet from his timeline.

Man’s game, Bill. Salute.

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