CNN’s ‘Anderlina’ Stunt Doubles Ratings For Cooper

CNN’s 2-hour informercial worked, apparently.

AP via USA Today:

CNN attracted 1.33 million viewers for Anderson Cooper‘s interview last week with the U.N. goodwill ambassador and new mother of Brad Pitt‘s baby, more than doubling the audience Cooper typically gets for his nightly newscast.

Yet, as the Observer‘s Rebecca Dana notes, the undoubled number is kinda puny, Anderson:

By most standards, Anderson Cooper looks like a winner. The CNN anchor, Yale graduate, Vanderbilt heir and brand-new 60 Minutes correspondent hosts two hours of live television a night. His face (that hair!) adorned the June Vanity Fair, which sold 375,000 newsstand copies. On June 20 and 21, Mr. Cooper conducted two “big get” interviews—first Angelina Jolie, then Cher. On June 26, he flew to New Orleans for a series of packed readings from his book, Dispatches from the Edge, for which he received a handsome advance and which topped the New York Times best-seller list until last week, when Ann Coulter finally knocked it off. But there is one pesky measure of victory that Mr. Cooper doesn’t quite satisfy: He doesn’t actually win. On average, only some 630,000 viewers a night tune in to Anderson Cooper 360, to watch Anderson Cooper do his professional duties.

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