#CNNFail? Maybe Not

Mashable’s Adam Ostrow follows up on last weekend’s Twitter revolt against CNN.com, and by extension CNN-TV, over the lack of coverage on the protests in Iran. Looks like the network and its Website have made lemonade out of those #CNNFail lemons.

This afternoon, I spoke with Mike Toppo, senior director of news operations and production for CNN.com, who was eager to share stats about this week’s usage.

In all, the number of iReports submitted from June 13-18 more than tripled from the prior six-day period to almost 5,000. Nearly 1,600 of those reports came directly from Iran, which Toppo says has been an important part of guiding on-air programming given the lack of access western journalists currently have to the situation. In fact, 79 of the iReports, mostly from protests in Tehran, have found their way on-air.