CNNer is Hollywood Bound

Hello J-Lo. Goodbye Wolf, John, Dana and the gang. CNN’s Eric Kuhn announced today that he is leaving the network to go work in digital media for the United Talent Agency in Los Angeles. He’s apparently ready to go – he has already changed his Twitter name (from KuhnCNN to just Kuhn). His goodbye party is pizza in the Red Conference Room today in 10 minutes.

To give you a sense, along with J-Lo, the company reps Johnny Depp and Daniel Radcliffe. Congratulations to Kuhn.

Read the announcement from CNN’s Alex Wellen after the jump…


Our colleague Eric Kuhn has an exciting opportunity to work with United Talent Agency in Los Angeles.  At UTA, he’s going to help its clients plot out social media and digital strategies.

Eric has been a force over the last year, helping spearhead the Tweet Suite during our LKL Help Haiti coverage, launching partnerships with Foursquare and Gowalla around our TV and Web programming as well as lending support to the live streaming  premiere of John King USA on  With tons of contributions to The Ticker and, he’s also introduced many of us to social media, kicking off dozens of successful Twitter careers.

I know it’s short notice, but we’re having pizza for Eric at 12:30p TODAY in the Red Conference Room (DC).

Please join us to wish him well and be sure to vote for him in the American Idol Finals!