Travel Article Resurrects Shea Stadium

As CNN points out at the top with an Editor’s Note, the article “10 of the World’s Most Underrated Cities” was originally published in May 2012 and has been updated two years later for another summer gander.


On the plus side, Queens leads off the list, and still comes ahead of the hot spot known as Isfahan, Iran. On the minus side, the article text touts Shea Stadium as a great place to catch a Mets game. And that, in turn, has further upped the reader comments total:


The Jini this reader is referring to is bylined freelance contributor Jini Reddy. She’s based in London, where it is apparently easier to both miss out on some important Mets details and view Iran as a leisure destination.

The Mets stopped playing at Shea in 2008; the birds, in 2009.