CNN Twitter Feed Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

Brief takeover follows attack on Microsoft

It appears CNN's Twitter feed was briefly hacked this evening by the Syrian Electronic Army, a frequent hijacker of Western news feeds. A series of posts around 6 p.m. Eastern criticized the CIA as backers of Al-Qaeda and dismissed the network's coverage of the Syrian civil war as "fake."

In a tweet captured by Boing Boing before being deleted, CNN's account posted the message, "Syrian Electronic Army Was Here…Stop lying…All your reports are fake!" Below are three tweets, recorded by Adweek, that were posted by the feed's hackers before CNN appeared to regain full control of its account. 

The incident lasted approximately 15 minutes, but given CNN's massive Twitter audience of 11.6 million users, it's clear the takeover reached a considerable number of viewers.

Earlier this week, the Syrian Electronic Army took credit for hacking Microsoft's newly redesigned Office Blogs. Other recent targets have included Xbox, Skype and a U.S. Marine Corps recruiting site.

UPDATE: BuzzFeed reports that the hacking extended to several of CNN's websites and other social channels.

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