CNN Thinks All African Nations Look Alike


ICYMI: The Ebola outreak in West Africa that has killed more than 930 people is scaring everyone. In fact, the World Health Organization has recently declared it a “public emergency.” The Center for Disease Control has given it, essentially, a DEFCON 1 rating.

For a brief lesson based on the picture above: Nigeria is the world’s 7th most populous country with more than 170 million people along the West African coast. Niger, which borders Nigeria to the north, is a landlocked country with approximately 1/10th of Nigeria’s population.

Confused? So was CNN.

As serious as this is for international news, CNN couldn’t help but make a complete mockery of its own coverage with this latest chapter of #PRFail: Geography Edition. It seems a producer didn’t check his or her handy world atlas before noting the countries of West Africa.

And then Twitter blew up. Yes, world. This is CNN. We have to wonder whether one of the “more than a dozen” positions eliminated by the network this week included “digital map maker.”