CNN: The State of The Company

All good things must come to an end, and we were sad but resigned to learn that our week of shining glory at CNN had ended as our Fishbowl weatherjackets poster was inevitably replaced with something newer and shinier. But if you’re going to be knocked out of the top spot, it might as well be by the best.

I’m not even talking about Anderson here, people, it’s bigger than that: the poster of choice this week at CNN advertises it’s big huge ginormously important STATE OF THE COMPANY meeting, happening TODAY at 12:30 in Studio 72 (right next to the infamous Control Room 71, which Fishbowl infiltrated on her reconnaissance mission to CNN last week. Coincidence? We’ll soon find out).

The meeting will be a ‘Town Hall’ type of deal, moderated by Soledad O’Brien and Miles O’Brien and featuring the following members of the CNN brain trust:

  • CNN president Jon Klein
  • CNN News group president Jim Walton
  • CNN International managing director(responsible for the five-network CNN International directorate Chris Cramer
  • CNN executive vice president and chief operating officer Greg D’Alba
  • CNN News Services executive vice president Susan Grant
  • And Ken Juntz, who we googled but couldn’t find. Sorry Ken! We bet you’re important!
  • Update: We knew it! Ken IS important! His actual name is Ken Jautz and he’s the head of Headline News. Wooo, nice goin’ Ken!

    The ‘Town Hall’ meeting is just for CNN employees (curses! foiled again!) and will feature questions and answers rehearsed thoroughly beforehand just kidding, but actually CNN has taken a novel approach: employees were invited to submit questions anonymously to a specific email address (I think “” – but it will only accept Turner email addresses, sorry Roger Ailes), and the panel will endeavor to answer them, all while fifteen different screens beam an assortment of images out at the crowd, making them feel like there are very important things happening in the world RIGHT NOW.

    Have fun at the meeting, CNN employees! Feel free to send us info on who said what, whether they fed you and if Anderson mentioned me, even just to say “Who’s that weird girl who won’t stop writing about me?” Sigh.