CNN: The Blog Party

Could CNN’s blog party at Tryst in Adams Morgan ruin the coffee shop’s street cred as the place for obscure-book-reading-hipsters-with-casually-impressive-clothes everywere?

Regardless, they’re blogging fast and furiously at CNN’s blog party.


Initial report?

1.)Wireless connection is on the fritz…but gettting better, it seems.
2.) Everyone is just dying to kiss Wonkette’s ass (“Hi, Alex? The Wonkette? Oh, it’s so good to meet you…I just love your work on the site…”) so that he’ll spare them on the blog. Yeah, best of luck with that.
3.) Conspiracy theory: Tech guys help those with the most web hits. (Okay, we just made that up)
4.) Food is better than the Jumbo Slice next door.
5.) Isolated cigarette smokers pissing off the 30+ set.
6.) Won’t somebody sit with poor Steve Clemons?
7.) How long until somebody hits on Mary Katherine Ham?
8.) How long until somebody’s drink spills into their laptop?


More pics to come in a second…