CNN Teaming Up With International Schools For iReport University

CNN wants to create a new university online using its iReport. No, it’s not actually building a whole new school, but it does plan on picking talent from other universities across the world.

ireport.jpgThe site reports that CNN will do a worldwide search for students to help with its iReport by teaming up with a number of schools to find five seniors from each to help with a new site called iReport University. CNN told that it has set its sites on 13 schools, but none in the U.S. because it already has a school partnership in the states. Still, why leave U.S. schools out in the cold on this one?

The winning students will get to develop stories for the new site, and will receive feedback from CNN editors.

“The ability to find a good story is the start of good journalism, The aim of our initiative is to offer practical experience to better equip today’s most promising journalism students to move seamlessly into the world of reporting and producing once they have graduated,” said director of participation for Lila King in release announcing the initiative.

Sounds like decent exposure for the upcoming college grad.