CNN SVP Bohrman Talks Peabody Award, “Magic Wall” on the Menu

mmm_2-3.gifToday on the Morning Media Menu podcast we finish up our first “Decision-Maker Week” with CNN SVP David Bohrman.

The Washington bureau chief is responsible for bringing the “Magic Wall” and other pieces of technology to the CNN audience. We talk to him about what’s coming up next. “I’m always looking for interesting display technologies and things that might be of real use for telling stories,” said Bohrman. Of the wall: “It’s just a great way to interact with data and information.”

Bohrman was in New York earlier this week to accept the Peabody Award for the network’s election coverage, when CNN had huge ratings. “What we did was actually being done by all of our competitors,” said Bohrman of election coverage. “The way we did it was so different that it really stood out.”

Also discussed: some technology decisions that didn’t pan out, the success of John King and What We Learned This Week (featuring former VP Cheney).

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