CNN: Re-designing For Those Who Help Pay the Electric Bill


Oh you sweet innocent reader of CNN. Here you are going around thinking that their latest, flashy new re-design was all about you. “Have you seen their new site?” you’ve asked friends and casual acquaintances, “They did that all for me!” Well, you can either keep believing that or you can stare straight into the scary face of cold hard truth. If you chose the later, then you’ll find this story from Online Media Daily, which talks about CNN’s re-tooling to meet the needs of their advertisers top priority. You hear that? That was your innocence flying away. Welcome to the real world, chumps. Here’s some:

“Literally, the first stop we made when redesigning the site was to agencies like Avenue A and Digitas to get a sense of what they wanted, and the trends they thought were most important to consider.”

The redesign, which launched earlier this week, was planned first and foremost to please advertisers, [Senior Web VP David Payne] insisted, and less cluttered and cleaner experiences were at the top of agencies’ wish lists.

“Advertisers want their ads to pop, which means getting them above the fold in an uncluttered environment,” Payne explained.