CNN Producer Chez Pazienza Dooced and Yet, Life Goes On


Dooced! Who knew that CNN was so retro? Chez Pazienza, producer of American Morning, got fired for writing his blog, Deus Ex Malcontent. He spills at HuffPost:

During my final conversation with Ed Litvak and a representative from HR, they hammered home a single line in the CNN employee handbook which states that any writing done for a “non-CNN outlet” must be run through the network’s standards and practices department.

Honest to blog!

CNN thinks he’s the only employee who’s blogging under his own name–and as they have some super-secret HR unit that researches this stuff, it must be so. Imagine what CNN could do if they devoted that energy to sniffing out news.

But rather than just snarking about his colleagues, his posts appeared a little reckless to CNN–his “about me” reads:

I wake up every morning baffled as to why America hasn’t deported George Bush and Dick Cheney, Hollywood hasn’t stopped trying to convince me that Sarah Jessica Parker is attractive, gullible soccer moms haven’t realized that they share absolutely no kinship with Oprah, and Fox canceled Firefly.

Eighty comments and more pending–most of whom think he’s a whiner, some of whom think he’s a rebel and all of whom had never seen American Morning.