CNN’s Piers Morgan Says He’s Not a Fruit

Of all the crazy denials that rolled in over Twitter this weekend, this one takes the cake — or the fruit — depending how you want to look at it. But in retrospect, maybe when “fastcatmiles” (a.k.a. Connor Thompson of the U.K.) asked CNN’s Piers Morgan the following question he should have left well enough alone.

To which “Pears” actually replied: “Because I’m not a fruit.”

But that’s not the worst of it. Instead of being embarrassed, Thompson was ecstatic. “Hahaha, by calling @piersmorgan ‘Pears’ not only gets me a reply from him, but gets him bombarded with fruit-related insults,” he wrote. To Piers he added, “I really hope people start calling you ‘Pears’ from now on.” Twitter being Twitter, the insults were crude. Shane O’Brien writes, “No your not a fruit, your a twat.” Piers shot back by correcting his punctuation. “It’s ‘you’re,'” he wrote.

Later, the original fruity follower seems to explain himself, writing on Sunday night, “The best way to get noticed on Twitter is to tweet as much idiocy as possible. Bit like knob heads on Britain’s Got Talent.”

Well said.