CNN & NY Times Among Media Companies Who Have Updated Apps For iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 hit stores in the U.S. today and developers across the board have upgraded their apps and optimized for the new screen size. The New York Times, CNNThe Drudge Report and Flipboard are among the media companies to do so.

NPR NewsThe Wall Street Journal and the LA Times are are slower to the punch, and have yet to update their apps for the new phones.

CNN explained its updates in a press release: “The CNN App is now available for iPhone 5, taking full advantage of the device’s taller, four-inch screen  and  higher resolution Retina display to offer users a more dynamic and interactive experience than ever before.”

Digital comic book marketplace Comics by Comixology also upgraded their iPhone app, as did and Evernote, which noted that “support for the larger display on the iPhone 5 lets you see more notes.”