CNN: Not the greatest week in news

CNN has had a bad week. First, it was announced that “Inside Politics” host Judy Woodruff would not be reupping her contract in June (just in time for CNN’s 25th Anniversary!). Then CNN gets scooped by Fox News on its home turf in the Runaway Bride story, with insult added to injury when jilted fianc&#233 John Mason gave an exclusive interview to Fox’s Hannity & Colmes.

Next, this weekend marks the end of CNN’s signature sci/tech show, Next@CNN. According to our brethren at TV Newswer, fans are disgruntled and there have been layoffs. Plus, Slate’s Mickey Kaus keeps making fun of Jon Klein. Oh well, what can you do. At least you’re not trailing Fox. Oh, wait, you are. Never mind. Happy Anniversary!