CNN Mama Back From Leave

CNN’s Dana Bash returns to work today after maternity leave. She’s married to CNN anchor John King. The couple had a baby boy, Jonah Frank, back in late June. Some may recall that she never let her pregnancy slow her down. In mid-June she was the first cable news reporter to break the news of then-Rep. Anthony Weiner‘s resignation from Congress. This was nine months into her pregnancy.

Of course she’s full of mixed feelings about her return.

“Back on the twitterverse and back to work today after an extended maternity leave. Excited to return but also #missingmybabyalready,” Bash wrote this morning.

Friends tried to reassure her. CNN Democratic Contributor Hilary Rosen remarked, “Welcome back Dana. Jonah will be fine!” SELF Mag’s Marc Adelman called it a “huge day.” He wrote, “Most folks exited for Santa coming back this wk. Not me…Dana all the way.” Her followers also had kind (and er, interesting) things to say. One guy named Phil wrote, “Welcome back? Doesn’t CNN allow you to bring kids to work?” Another asked, “Awww, where are the pictures??? Lol.” Still, another said simply, “You were missed by your viewers.”