Sweet Hypocrisy

Sure, CNN made a major mistake in its reporting of SCOTUS’s decision to uphold Obamacare.  And now the cable net is paying a hefty price: social media lashings, Comedy Central mockings (*see Daily Show, Colbert Report), media critic skewerings…you get the picture.

But CNN wasn’t alone.  Add to the “Supreme F*ck Up List” Fox News, Fox News Radio,  Fox Business, HuffPost, Business Insider, and Time.  But you wouldn’t necessarily know that by reading reports of the disastrous day when — gasp — CNN got it wrong and took all the heat for it.  And that merry band of erroneons, who just like CNN, supremely misreported the SCOTUS decision?  You think they’re going to tell you?  No way!  While CNN was publicly cleaning up its mess through corrections, statements, apologies, and tweets, those brazen bullshitters were deleting botched tweets, drafting intellectually offensive statements (FNC), and, in some cases, composing their own hatchet pieces about CNN’s blunder.

Take the big titanium balls of Business Insider, for example.  In separate pieces and over two days, Elena Schneider, Brett LoGiurato and Abby Rogers took CNN to task for its mistake.  What they failed to mention is that that they too ran a homepage headline declaring the mandate struck down.  And Business Insider politics reporter Grace Wyler misreported the story on her live blog.  Bold, no?

Then there’s HuffPost who targeted both CNN and Fox News in no less than five posts.  Guess they forgot about this…

Ahh. Sweet, sensual hypocrisy.

We reached out to HuffPost PR and they declined to comment. We also contacted Business Insider for comment.

UPDATE: Business Insider Editor-in-Chief Henry Blodget wrote to FBDC: “We initially relayed some early TV reports (our mistake). We caught the error quickly, but we should have acknowledged it more prominently.”


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