CNN Hits the Campaign Trail with Election Center, CNN Election Center App

The Election Center is open for business, along with a companion app, as CNN Politics counts down to the midterm elections Nov. 2.

Election Center features subsections including: The Basics, a guide to the midterm elections; The Races, detailed, state-by-state information and data maps; The Issues, a breakdown of the biggest impact issues of the 2010 elections; My Election, a customizable election tracker including local headlines, relevant information, local polling locations, the ability to follow up to 15 races or measures, and a module featuring results for users’ three most important races; and Polling Center, where users can access and sort select public polls covering national trends, issues, and selected House, Senate, and gubernatorial races.

CNN Politics also teamed up with Project Vote Smart to provide detailed information about candidates, including voting records, interest-group ratings, and positions on issues.

Mobile-device users can access Election Center at

Speaking of mobile, the CNN Election Center App is available for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone and iPod Touch, and it enables users to brose content, including user-generated content via iReport, as well as share content via Facebook and Twitter.

Details of all House, Senate, and gubernatorial races are available by entering ZIP codes, and CNN Politics said the app will be updated in late October to include relevant ballot measures by state and polling locations.

The app also enables participation in Daily Vote and the iReport Election Project. In the latter, users can participate in a rolling series of up to six challenges, as well as taking a quiz to establish their political identity, browsing iReports, capturing and uploading user-generated photos, and earning special badges.

Much like the Election Center site, the CNN Election Center App allows users to select 15 races to focus on, and it will showcase real-time election results for House, Senate, and gubernatorial races on Election Day.