CNN Hires Yet Another Trump Supporter

Scottie Nell Hughes is the latest.

How many Trump supporters does it take to make a network satisfied? Apparently the answer is not Corey Lewandowski, as CNN’s controversial hire of the former Trump campaign manager last month was not the be-all-end-all of Trump fan club hires.

Just yesterday, CNN added Scottie Nell Hughes, an occasional guest, as a contributor.

To check out her recent work, just look to this weekend, when her arguments in front of host Brianna Keilar for why the image Donald Trump tweeted of Hillary Clinton that included a Star of David and originated from a frequently racist/anti-Semitic Twitter account wasn’t anti-Semitic included:

  • Reading aloud the text from the image
  • Claiming “it’s not the Star of David, technically.”
  • Claiming that a “true Star of David, it itself has to be defined. It actually has to have two-defined drawn triangles within the star itself to be the technical Star of David. Now some different stars of different countries refused to have that when we were going through the Holocaust.”

Watch the whole thing for yourself below, c/o Mediaite.