CNN headlines themselves making news

It’s no secret that 10,000 Words is a fan of CNN (here and here), especially its iReport program that empowers citizen journalists, but we have to agree there are some bizarre happenings over at it its website, particularly when it comes to its headlines.

A great blog encapsulating the phenomenon is CNN is like the worst “news” source. Ever. Blogger/artist Kelly Chambers takes the week’s most interesting headlines and draws an illustration to accompany it. The results are hilarious, especially “Kids put in dryer and tumbled, police say” and “Drunk newlyweds tasered, jailed.”

Another equally interesting blog is WTFCNN?, a collection of the news site’s most questionable headlines. Some of the offenders include “Worst hair day ever involved a monkey,” “No LOL, Doctors don’t answer emails,” and “Co-ed strips for her honors thesis, gets a B.”

Breaking News or Not? users also take aim at CNN by determining whether a story is actually news and therefore warrants placement on the site. Some of the decisions are faulty as “Massive power outage hits Central and South Florida” was deemed as not news, but it is interesting to see what users think. BNON also covers a number of other news sources including Fox News, the BBC and The New York Times.

If you’re a fan of the CNN and its infamous, yet iconic, headlines, the cable news network has made them available on t-shirts for you to wear proudly around the newsroom. Recent and past headlines are available to choose from and are written in the famous font.

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