CNN Finally Admits It Likes Morgan While The New York Times Doesn’t Have Slim, Plus Other News of the Day

– Well CNN finally admitted what everyone else already knew: British journalist and talent show host Piers Morgan will take over for Larry King. Morgan will continue to host “America’s Got Talent” and an interview series on Britain’s ITV network called “Life Stories,” while King’s last day at CNN will happen on December 16. “I like finding things out about people,” said Morgan to the New York Times. “I like rattling cages.”
– New York Times Co. stockholders got a nice surprise today when the newspaper’s price suddenly jumped 8 percent after rumors that Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim would be buying the company. Slim, who already owns 7 percent of the company, has denied the rumors through a spokesperson, according to Bloomberg. This jump on Slim takeover rumors has occurred before. Back in March, the NYT ticker moved up over 6 percent on similar whispers.

– The Tribune Co. is still struggling to pull the company out of its bankruptcy proceedings, and in a new effort it has hired a chief restructuring officer. Don Liebentritt, who served as general counsel while Tribune nearly struck a deal on its restructuring plan, will now focus on negotiations with the publisher’s creditors in order to build a new restructuring plan. What a confusing process.

– In an unusual move, a web editor has moved back to print. I know, crazy! But Yahoo’s Brandon Holley has decided to join Conde Nast as editor of Lucky magazine. Holley had worked at Conde before as the editor-in-chief of Jane magazine. After Jane folded in July 2007, Holley moved onto Yahoo to run a women’s blog called Shine. Apparently the magazine life is a little better, who knew?