’s Redesign: Cleaner, Bloggier, Paula Zahn-Free

After months of beta testing and requisite shimmying, CNN relaunched their website this past Friday. The new, blog-influenced layout is shown above. Following the failure of pay site CNN Pipeline, the network (wisely) decided to integrate greater video content into their main site. The redesign emphasizes video (all the better to sell advertising) and co-branded deals with sites like and, along with expanded podcast content and a cleaner design. iQ Content did a side-by-side of the old and new sites and interview with’s developers that gives a nice little tech-centric behind the scenes look.

NOTE: It appears the only CNN show that has not switched to the new redesign is Paula Zahn Now and referred to Paula as “Paul” last week. Is this the latest bad omen for Zahn? Hmm.