#1 On the Web on Inauguration Day; Shatters Records

cnn.com_1.22.gifWith more than 11 million unique visitors, was the most visited online news destination on Inauguration Day, 10% greater than’s 10 million uniques and 21% more than Yahoo! News’ 9.1 million unique visitors.

Additionally, each visitor spent on average 8.7 minutes during the day on — 97 million total minutes for the day.That’s 41% greater than’s 68.7 million total minutes and 117% greater than Yahoo! News. had 94.6 million page views, to’s 73.5 million and Yahoo! News’ 40.5 million. broke several records of its own, including 4 million unique visitors in a single hour (11am-Noon) and a total of 18.2 million video streams — which breaks the previous video stream record set during coverage of the Virginia Tech massacre. has a seven-month streak as the #1 Current Events and Global News site. December was its fifth consecutive month topping 40 million unique visitors.

(All stats from Nielsen Online)

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