CNN App for iPad: Free & Provides a Different Way to Look at News

CNN’s App for iPad launched this week and headed straight for #1 in the iTunes iPad App Store free apps list. The highly graphical grided app gives you the feeling of being in CNN’s news command center with up to 350 news stories in the grid. Each of the grid items has a photo (or video still) and a text caption to help you decide what to view. There’s also a slide show feature that lets you gesture your way through the top headlines. Breaking stories automatically update on the screen. And, if you allow it, iPad’s push notification feature can alert you of breaking news.

One caveat: I first tried it while in an area with a low bandwidth WiFi hotspot. The CNN App for iPad wants and needs a lot of bandwidth for its graphical view and video programming. It is well worth the effort to get up and find a higher quality WiFi hotspot or check if AT&T’s 3G network is providing enough bits where you are.

CNN App for iPad Comes to the App Store (press release)

CNN App for iPad 1.0 (iTunes App Store)

Note that the formerly $1.99 CNN App for iPhone is also now free.