CNN Announces New Polling Partner

From the release:

    CNN political director Sam Feist announced today that Opinion Research Corporation will become CNN’s new polling partner as the network moves toward the 2008 elections. Beginning in 2007, polls released by the network will be identified as CNN/Opinion Research Corporation surveys.

    “Opinion Research Corporation’s reputation for independent, objective analysis and its excellent reputation in the industry make the firm the ideal polling partner for CNN,” Feist said. “As the network gears up to offer the most in-depth and expansive coverage of the 2008 election, Opinion Research Corporation will be a key part of giving viewers the accurate and relevant information they demand.”

    Opinion Research Corporation, founded in 1938, is widely known and respected for its independent, non-partisan polls. The polling firm has worked with CNN since April 2006 and in that time has conducted national polls, speech reaction polls, state polls and flash/overnight polls. The first CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll is being released today and focuses on President George W. Bush’s plan for Iraq and Democrats in Congress.