CNN Adds Tanzina Vega and Teddy Schleifer

Eventually, CNN will hire everyone.

It’s a new day, which means CNN has more new hires to announce. CNN Politics’ most recent acquisitions, announced this morning, are New York Times reporter Tanzina Vega and Houston Chronicle political reporter Teddy Schleifer. Vega will serve as a digital correspondent and Schleifer will cover money and politics. Vega had been the Times’ race and ethnicity reporter until the paper, in a much-criticized move, scrapped the beat and moved her to the metro desk. It seems CNN also thought it was a bad idea. Here’s how CNN Politics executive editor Rachel Smolkin described what Vega’s coverage areas will be in a staff memo:

She’ll build on the work that she has done so well at the Times, including her smart coverage of race and ethnicity. This is an important area where we will distinguish ourselves going into 2016.

The hire of Teddy Schleifer comes at the perfect moment for the network, with the first official presidential hopeful based in Texas and the potential for more candidates to emerge from the Lone Star.