CNET: Is Mobile Social Networking a Factor Yet?

CNET News posted a detailed analysis of the mobile social networking market, saying that at least in the U.S., it remains a limited extension of the social-media industry’s biggest PC-based players: “lighter, messaging-focused versions of Facebook and, as well as instant-messaging software like Yahoo Messenger and AIM.”

The report said that for mobile social networking to really take off, “it’s going to have to move beyond providing new ways for people to bug their friends with text messages.”

CNET goes on to give location-based GPS services as an example of what the mobile media world is abuzz about, which we agree with. It makes more sense to be able to locate your friends, find a nearby restaurant to meet at, and even give advertisers a way to deliver local advertising in order to monetize the services.

The article gives some recent examples (such as Yahoo oneConnect) and also some good detail on the problems it faces, not to mention the privacy concerns we’ve all heard a lot about recently on the desktop side.